Road Trip to Vegas 2004

By the next afternoon we were in Tulsa, OK to visit my cousin Chris Raupp. Dad and Mom had stayed at Mingo’s RV Park before and it was a very nice Good Sam. Maggie and I were in our Scamp getting things set up when we heard something hit the roof. I went outside and saw that we were parked under an oak tree, and each time a big wind blew acorns rained down. By bedtime the wind had died and we had no more noise problems while we were there. Chris came to the camp for supper with, besides a few other items, frozen blueberries to use for dessert. Mom had some heavy cream, but nowhere was there a mixer. So, calling on our Boy Scout training, we filled a Tupperware container with the crème and each person took a turn shaking the cr*p out of it. We had slightly whipped crème on the frozen blueberries, which in turn froze the whipped crème that came in contact with berries. So if anybody asks, it was a traditional Scandinavian wintertime treat. We were invited over to Chris’s house after supper to see all the renovations he had recently done. His superb wood working skills show that carpentry really runs through the family. His cat, Angel greeted us as we toured the house.

Chris and company.

Then it was time to head back to camp. We planned on meeting Chris at work the next day, then having him for dinner that night. Tuesday morning we drove in search of the address Chris had given us. Due to a misunderstanding between the map, and me we headed south instead of north. After a quick stop for bagels we found the address. Maggie and I tried to fix a computer problem in the network, but after 90 minutes we admitted defeat. Lunch was at a Quiznos, and delicious. Later that evening Chris arrived at the trailers bearing Pizzas for supper! Everyone chowed down and we had a pleasant evening of talk. After seeing Chris on his way we prepared the trailers for the rest of the trip. On the 20th we drove to Camp Lakewood in Effingham, IL, a Good Sam RV Park. It was off the road a couple of miles but in a beautiful forest. The owner helped park the trailers, delivered firewood I had ordered, and generally were very hospitable people. After a mixed soup dinner that came out really good we made a campfire and toasted marshmallows. Mom and Dad drifted back to their trailer for bed while Maggie and I stayed a bit longer talking to a Canadian couple in the next campsite. The only discomfort was that the wind was changing directions frequently and a couple of times we were in the path of the smoke from the fire. Sleep came easy that night.

For our last night on the road we stopped in a KOA at Washington, PA, not far from our daughter Brie. We followed the directions to get off route 70 and headed about 3.5 miles through the countryside and up a hill to the office. We found out from the owner that it’s easier to get there from route 79, the road we needed the next day. Duly noted we drove up the monster hill to our campsites. Then after hooking up we walked back down the hill for showers, then back up again to the trailers. We got our exercise! It was a nice park, with good facilities and friendly people. Mom microwaved individual containers of stew for supper, and soon we retired to the Scamp. The next morning the rain had found us again and we broke camp. At the junction for route 79 we bid farewell to Dad and Mom as they went north, we went south. We arrived back in Stafford at noontime on Friday, the 22nd after logging 5,247 miles. Both vehicles and trailers had performed flawlessly throughout the trip, but the next day my van wouldn’t start because the battery had gone bad!

All in all, a phenomenal trip back to our favorite vacation spot!