Road Trip to Vegas 2004

The first two items on Tuesday’s list were an oil change for Dad’s truck, and a hair cut for Maggie. Mixing up the two would not be a good idea. There was a Jiffy-Lube in town with a Hair Cuttery next door that worked perfectly. We did some shopping, and then headed for the Orleans Casino for lunch. They set up a hot dog cart near the betting lounge that sells all beef wieners for 75 cents each, including toppings! We did some gambling while there, before heading over to the Nevada Palace Casino where they had a fried chicken dinner special. Mom had a streak of luck at the slots, so we stayed there for the evening. On Wednesday we drove over to the Venetian Casino to pick up the paperwork for the AARP convention that started on Thursday at the Sands Convention Center, which was next door. Dad and Mom seemed pretty excited about attending the convention. We all got our IDs, coupons and goodie bags.

One of the "Living Statues" in the Venetian market place.

. Lunch was next on the schedule, so we drove over to the Tropicana to eat at the Legends Deli. We had been there before and enjoyed the food. Then it was over to the Palms Casino for some slots! It was our first time here, so as usual we signed up for player’s cards. We don’t get enough points to qualify for gifts, but they make a great souvenir. Donna had a good streak of luck, so she treated everyone to Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream. After a brief stop at the trailers we headed for Fremont Street. Supper that night would be at the Golden Nugget. We decided years ago that this was the best place in Vegas for a supper buffet. We took in the Fremont experience after eating and walked down the promenade.

Neon signs from Fremont street's past.

Maggie and me in the present!

We returned to the Golden Nugget to play, but the place was very crowded so we decided to return to the Nevada Palace.

Breakfast on Thursday was at the Fresh Harvest Café in Sam’s Town. Then we headed for the AARP convention. We drove around the Venetian parking garage for a while trying to find a spot, but with no luck. Twenty minutes later we found one at the Barbary Coast casino down the block. We hiked back and waited for the convention doors to open. At 10:00 the horde surged forward. I couldn’t believe how speedy those geriatrics could be! And at the front of the line were Mom and Dad! We would get to a vendor’s booth and Mom would be walking away with enough samples for all of us. Soon our one goodie bag had grown too big and we started loading up the ones given to us by Home Depot (they also gave us each a $5 gift card). A few hours later we found Donna sitting in the hallway. She was feeling ill, so Maggie stayed with her while I searched for the speedy geezers. When finally united Mom told us how she had won $100 in Travelers checks at one of the booths. Dad and I walked to the truck and brought it around to the entrance of the Venetian where one of the security men helped us load up everyone. They were very considerate and pleasant. Dad and Mom ran Donna to a doctor, so Maggie and I were on our own for a while. We walked over to Sam’s Town and puttered around, eating supper at the food court. That evening, while Donna rested, we tried the slots at Sam’s. The next morning Donna was feeling better so we had breakfast again at the Fresh Harvest café. We decided to have a rest day, so Maggie and I headed for the pool. Later the rest joined us before showering up for dinner. The Firelight Buffet in Sam’s Town had an all you can eat seafood night. The fare included shrimp, clams, Alaskan crab legs, and a dozen different entrees. We had a marvelous time and finished it playing the slot machines.