Road Trip to Vegas October 2004

Maggie, Snow (the cat) and I headed west with the trailer on Thursday, October 7th, 2004. We had arranged to meet Mom, Dad and Sheba (their cat) in Wheeling, WV that evening. The campground had been picked through a directory that Dad and I consulted, and looked like a good converging point. The site was being renovated, and needed a lot of work, but it was only an overnight stay. The first 343 miles were behind us. We slept until 5:00 am, giving us an extra half-hour of sleep! Under the cover of darkness Maggie and Dad headed for route 70 west. Mom and I would spell them after two hours and we’d reverse again after another three hours. That way we could get about 10 hours of driving a day. Lunch was sandwiches served in Mom and Dad’s trailer when we made a gas/bathroom/driver change stop. We stopped for the night at a KOA in Eureka, MO called St. Louis West, clocking another 600 miles.

The Largest cross in the US.
Westward Ho!

On Saturday we started early again and noticed a trend. When Dad and Maggie drove there was usually fog or rain, driving through hills and valleys. Mom and me driving: clear weather and flat roads. After 571 miles we stopped at the Elk City, MO KOA for the night. It was a nice site, reminding Maggie and me of the Denver campground we had stay at on our Colorado trip. The office had a small restaurant attached where meals were served. That evening we talked with a couple that had driven in with a Scamp trailer similar to ours. On Sunday we decided to push a little farther, so we camped in Holbrook, AZ logging in 673 miles. The KOA had a heated pool that we had planned to use, but we arrived during a rainstorm with the temperatures in the forties, and it didn’t look as appealing. The showers were warm, and the weather cleared for a while, but the rain returned the next day.

A few views across the country.

Monday was a shorter driving day, and our route took us through a part of California. I was surprised when I saw signs indicating that an inspection stop was a few miles ahead. Dad and Mom were used to it, but today they were only inspecting trucks, so we sailed past. The longest stretch was the three-hour drive through Nevada. It was a flat plain that seemed to go on forever. We arrived in the Sam’s Town RV park at 1:00 PM. Once the trailers were parked and hooked up we drove over to the airport in Dad’s truck to pick up Donna, who was flying in at 5:30.

The short term parking area had parking meters that required quarters, so we pooled our change and came up with enough for about an hour, and I had planned on getting change in the airport, then running back to feed the meter. Luckily there was a bill changer on the way to the concourse, so we added more time before we went inside. Donna arrived pretty much on time, and we decided to head out for dinner on the way back. I had been commenting on the abundance of “Beef for Dinner” signs in the Midwest, and one of the casinos, the Joker’s Wild, had a prime rib special that night. The meal was delicious, and we spent some time afterwards gambling. Then it was back to the trailers for bed.