We left Flying Flags early in the morning and headed down the Pacific Coast highway. Traffic was light (as we hoped!) as we followed the shore line. It was surprising for someone raised on the east coast to see oil rigs on the horizon.

oil rig






We also spotted some pilot whales swimming north along the shore, but there wasn't any place to pull over and get a photo. The trip through Los Angeles was quick and without traffic, thanks to the day and hour. Tomtom our GPS lead us through the desert and a few hours later I was driving the rig down Las Vegas Boulevard. Once in town I knew where I needed to go and headed for the Circus Circus RV park, next to the hotel and casino. The site we parked at had a couple of trees with a table and chairs (photo on first page). While we were traveling Dad would check the trailer wheels frequently, and when we stopped he noticed that one wheel was a bit hotter then the rest. We decided to check it tomorrow after it had a chance to cool off. Supper that night was at the Circus Circus Buffet, and it felt good to be back in town.


Dad woke up early and called his Good Sam Road service about the wheel, and they said a tech would be there in an hour or so. A little while later he arrived with a pick-up truck pulling a custom utility trailer. Within minutes he had the trailer up on a jack and was looking at the bearing. Everything looked fine so he checked the trailer's breaks. They were a little out of sync, so when we drove into town with all the traffic one wheel was braking more then the rest, thus the heat build-up. He adjusted them to balance the load and was done in an hour.

A trip to Walmart was next for today so we picked up supplies and got a large cardboard box to cover the front window of the trailer. While we were out I suggested we look up the Nissan dealer in the area. We had called enroute to schedule an oil charge because we were showing just over 3,000 miles on the Pathfinder. Mom and Dad had actually broken the car in on the trip! When we found it Mom said let's see if they can service the car now rather then wait for the appointment on Wednesday. They were very accomodating, and only took about an hour.

The rest of the morning was spent putting the cardboard on the window, and I took a swim in the pool. Later in the day we went to the Circus Circus casino for a little gambling, and ate prime rib at the Garden Grill on the promenade level. Then back to the slot machines! I managed to slip away for a couple of hours with my camera equipment to phograph the nightlife.

Circus Circus entrance Circus Circus sign


Breakfast today was at the Sahara, the same restaurant we were eating at when 911 was first reported. Nothing unusual this time, thank goodness! We did a little gambling there, then later we drove to the Rio to spend the afternoon and evening. We found out that the Show in the Sky at the Masquerade village only took place on Thursday thru Saturday. The buffet had gone up in price considerably, and we weren't doing as well on the slots, so a vote was taken and we headed to the Riviera casino for T-bone steak dinners. To work off that huge meal we exercised the slot machines for a couple of hours. Dad won big bucks that night, ask him about it. We finished the night with a couple of Margarettas from the Slots of Fun casino.

Stratosphere casino The Strip


Sam's Town casino on the other side of town was planned to start the day. We played the slots for a couple of hours, then decided to head for Freemont street, the older gambling district. We hit the Plaza casino, followed by the Golden Nugget, and the Freemont. There were two wonderful slots in the Freemont, Piggies and Star Trek. The Star Trek was a game based on the original series, and had a dedicated chair rigged with stereo speakers and special effects. The Piggies were six machines wired together so that occassionally you'd be combined on a big overhead screen for a special event, with extra points awarded.

Freemont street Golden Nugget temperature

Here's the entrance to Freemont street, the Golden Nugget, and the temperature that day.

A Tony Roma steakhouse in the Freemont casino was where we had our second prime rib dinner. We planned on returning to Circus Circus for the evening, but first we had to stop by Sam's Town to cash in a voucher that I'd missed. After a few hours at the casino we went back to the trailer to prepare for tomorrow's departure.

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