We headed out of Vegas after a brief stop to adjust the brake controller. Out in the desert we passed by an Indian casino with interesting signs.

gas sign arrow sign

The KOA in Gallup, NM that was our next stop had a large illuminated sign that said "24 hour Laundromat". After setting up at the site Dad went back to the office for some supplies, and asked the clerk where the camping supplies were. He replied that there wasn't any, this was a laundromat, and the campground was a just an extra business. From then on we told everyone about the night we camped in a laundromat!


The next section we traveled through was not very note worthy, except the windmill farms that dotted the landscape. Nearly everyone of them was turning, due to the flat uninterrupted landscape and constant wind. We found a private campground in Shamrock, TX to stay that night. It was run by an older couple, and they provided a personal touch, such as real towels in the wash room. They told us about a gas station in town that was the inspiration for the one in the animation film "Cars" and gave us postcards about it to send to the grand kids.

wind farm gas station


Our next destination was Tulsa OK, the Mingo RV park. My cousin Chris lives close by, and we always stop to visit him when we're in the neighborhood. The campground was recently renovated and had a new wooden statue carved out of a tree stump.

wood carving

Mom called Chris and invited him to dinner, to which he responded by bringing pizza as the main course. Cookies were for dessert and we had a good time talking that evening.


The day started cloudy, threatening rain. Mom and Dad made a Walmart run in the morning and Chris came over that afternoon. His car was filled with rocket supplies that he no longer used for me to take home. I promised him photos of them in action. As a special treat Mom made strawberry shortcake.

As usual, we had a great time with Chris, and after he left we took our showers and went to bed, preparing for another travel day tomorrow.


Tomtom gave us a course that headed northeast through St. Louis, then east on route 64. I was grateful to avoid route 40 (Bumps are us). As we approached St. Louis with Mom at the helm there were construction signs warning that the extension for route 64 was closed. We put our faith in Tomtom, and found ourselves negotiating streets downtown. Minutes later we acquired route 64 and headed east.

It wasn't until late afternoon that we started looking for a stopping point in Illinois. Campgrounds were far between, and we stumbled upon an RV park in Grayville that was back in the woods with one road going in, another to leave. There was only one other trailer parked; it had a light on but no one was home. There wasn't even an office, and the restrooms didn't look at all inviting. Dad called the phone number listed for the campground in the RV book, and was surprised when the police answered. They told him to drop off the fee at the police station. We hooked up to the water and electric, then locked up for the night. I had visions of the "Blair Witch project" and tried to get some sleep. There were no incidents, so we headed out 6:00 am the next morning. We saw that there was a family park just a stone's throw from where we slept. So much for my imagination. I drove us to the town offices, but they weren't opened that early, so Mom said she'd send a check for the $10 fee when she got home. I'll have to ask her about that.


The plan for today was to finish in Virginia so we ate on the fly and passed through Kentucky, West Virginia and finally reached Virginia. We flew through Richmond and headed north on route 95. I called Maggie and told her to meet us at a local Target shopping center. It would be easier to park the trailer and make the exchange there. At a few minutes after 9:00 my trip rolled to a stop. We had driven from Manahawkin, New Jersey to Solvang, California to Las Vegas, Nevada to Tulsa, Oklahoma to Fredericksburg, Virginia in 18 days, logging just over 6,000 miles. It was a fantastic vacation, and I can't wait to head out again!

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