Images from Solvang, California.

big shoe

Me and a really big shoe.

Mom and Dad

Mom and Dad taking a rest.


This is a delft tile mural that reads:

In the year 1911 three Danish
educators, the Reverend J. Gregersen, the Reverend B. Nordentoft and Mr. P.B. Hornsyld, founded a farming community of Danish - Americans to preserve and continue the customs
and culture of Denmark. They chose
a sunny field in the Santa Ynez Valley
of California, and named it Solvang.

dress shop

Elna's Dress shop, where I bought Maggie's Dirndl, similar to the one in the left window, but in red.

Danish Mill shelves

The Danish Mill Bakery. YUM!!

Hans Christian Andersen

Hans Christian Andersen.

Red Viking

Excellent sign.


The Solvang Village Dancers perform near Mom & Dad.

man dance 1

The "Argument dance", concerning the sale of a cow.

man dance 2

It continued.


Mortensen's bakery, another delicious stop.


A trolley ride around the village.


Best Pizza on the west coast.


Windmills are so Scandinavian!

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