This was our 35th anniversary gift from my parents. We spent nine days aboard the Royal Caribbean "Enchantment of the Seas" sailing to Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, the Dominican Republic and Haiti. Here we are posing at the dock of Labadee, Haiti, a private island used by the cruise line.

Our stateroom was on the right side of the ship with a large porthole that gave us a view of the ocean and at night the stars served as our nightlight. The room included a bathroom complete with a shower and toilet. Each day our attendant Vernon would leave our fresh towels on the bed folded like an animal.

towel animal

The first encounter we had was sailing under the Chesapeake bay bridge. The mast only cleared the underside of the bridge by about ten feet. I'm standing by the walkway on the ninth deck that went all the way around the ship. You could walk a quarter mile with each loop.

After we cleared the bridge the ship passed freighters moored in the bay that always looked so big when we saw them from our car; now we towered over them.

At the stern of the ship on deck ten was the Viking lounge, an adults only section that gave a panoramic view of the ocean. We enjoyed our first "Drink of the day" special there.

The My Fair Lady dining room was where we ate dinner each evening, and occasionally breakfast. We had a table for two reserved at the top of the stairs where we could watch both floors. There was also the Windjammer buffet available for all the meals.

On our second day we found the Solarium, a glass covered heated pool that was also only for adults. During the return voyage fourteen foot waves turned it into a tidal pool. We enjoyed every minute! They also had two hot tubs in here, and they sometimes rolled back the ceiling to get a breeze.

Farther back were the outdoor pools and kiddies pool. During the day they would alternate between a live band and recorded music. Because of the large number of children in this area we didn't spend a lot of time here. You can see the Viking lounge in the distance. They held a number of contests here, one of which we saw was the "Belly-flop".

As you entered the casino they had one floor cut out with plexiglas covering it. Below was a pirate's treasure with jewels, coins, and golden fish. It was like you were floating over the sea floor.

Every night the pools were drained and cleaned. They were refilled with sea water, so it felt more like you were at the shore then in a pool.

Each day we received a newsletter listing all the events scheduled for the following day. They also told you the suggested outfit for dinner, formal or casual.

In the middle of the ship was the Centrum, a gathering place open from deck two to deck nine, with two glass elevators. Maggie and I usually had our drinks here in the evening while listening to various bands. Our favorite was the Teddy band, three musicians that sang all manner of songs with a Polish accent. We purchased two of their CDs to bring home.

Caribbean Cruise 2011



rick on deck

Maggie with drinks




casino floor

deck at night