The trip to Boston would mean a full day of cruising at sea. Monday night after dinner the theatre had a production called "Stage to Screen". It featured numbers from shows such as "Little Shop of Horrors", "West Side Story" and "Hairspray". Then we moved to the Spotlight lounge where we watched an adult Quest show. It involved teams that needed to produce various items of clothing to the judges to get points.

Tuesday morning we docked at the Boston Cruise-port. We began with a trolley tour right from the dock. Wicker, our driver, took us on a journey through many sections of town. The weather was rainy at first, so the view through the windows was a little distorted. This is Fenway park, home of the Red Sox.

The rain stopped and soon the sun came out. The trolley drove past MIT, into Cambridge and back while our tour guide pointed out the points of interest. We got out at Quincy Market to buy some souvenirs and found an Italian pizza restaurant for lunch. We shopped the market for a while, then caught another trolley back to the ship.

Our departure was around 4:00, and as we backed out of the slip the ship passed the end of the active runway at Logan airport. This photo was where we had airliners coming over us with less then 100 feet of clearance! It must have been interesting to the pilots that had an eleven story ship in the flight path.

Once we were clear of the harbor the pilot boat intercepted the Enchantment and the pilot climbed down. The weather was warm and clear as we sailed past the Boston harbor lighthouse. That evening they served lobster for dinner. We were waiting for dessert when I looked out the window to see a Marine Harrier jet slowly passing us for a once over. There must have been an assault carrier nearby.

Maggie and I spent the evening watching a magician, Martin Lewis, followed by the Love & Marriage game show, similar to the Newlywed show of years ago. The last show was a comedian named Carl Banks.

This trip I was carrying some of my professional camera gear, so I took the opportunity to shoot some more artistic views of the ship. Here is the radar mast towards the front of the ship, over the day spa and fitness center.

Farther back is the entrance to the elevators with the open balcony looking down at the Centrum. We spent many evenings there listening to the bands and enjoying the "Drink of the Day". We had a healthy bar bill by the end of the cruise.

Near the stern of the ship on deck 11 was the Viking Crown lounge, a bar with a panoramic view all around. You can also see the jogging track that followed the outer edge of the deck on deck 10. It was a quarter mile all the way around.

The Solarium pool was near the stern and glass enclosed, like a greenhouse. Only adults were allowed in there unless the weather was stormy and the other pools were closed. All but one of the pools were ocean water.

At the back end of the ship were the smoke stacks, and it was usually a quiet area to read or snooze while enjoying the ocean view.

Our last visit was in Newport, Rhode Island before we returned to Baltimore.

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