Deckhouse 53KB

Inside the Deckhouse. The dining area is downstairs, and the kitchen through the doors.

Galley 55KB Debbie hard at work preparing those fantastic meals with the help of Rosie and Lisa.

 Another boat, the Californian, had moored near us in the night, and left just before we had breakfast. This time we had Oatmeal with your choice of raisins, bananas, and brown sugar. Grapefruit and sticky buns were included in the bill of fare. In the foggy morning light we saw the captain bringing an important box aboard: the lobsters! Another shore party was allowed for an hour or two before we left. We motored across Blue Hill Bay, lunching on chili, corn bread (plain or spicy), and salad. Our destination was Babson Island in the Eggemoggin Reach. The anchor was dropped and we all took the dinghies to the shore (sounds like we're transporting whacko's).

Babson Island 72KB

 The crew prepared for the feast while we explored the shoreline. The island was mostly rocks, ferns, and trees, with the shore made of pieces of broken shell. Billions and billions of shells. In the distance we could see other sailboats having their lobster bakes on nearby islands.

Lobsters! 88KB

 Lobster line 45KB

We went back to the fire in time to see the lobsters dumped out onto the seaweed. Dinner was lobster, baked potato, raw veggies, and potato chips with dip. Maggie and I had to stop after three and a half lobsters each! Debbie had said that no lobster would make it back to the boat, and she meant it. Then she brought out the blueberry pie. So much to maintaining a semblance of a diet.

When we were all back on board the captain moved us across the reach to moor at Brooklin, where the Wooden Boat magazine and workshop were based. We would explore that tomorrow. Tonight was another good night to play Rotten.