The breakfast crowd was dwindling, as some had decided to sleep later. This time they missed banana pancakes with sausages and orange slices. We rowed through the morning fog to explore Brooklin and the Wooden Boat facilities. Our first stop was at the workshops where they taught the art of building wooden hulled boats, starting with canoes and prams. The classes were happy to show their crafts, and explain what they were doing. The school was started years ago when it seemed that the art was being lost due to the popularity of fiberglass hulls.

 Wooden Boat  34KB

Wooden Boat 2 36KB

Then Maggie and I started to walk to the general store that Dennis had said, "Was a mile down the road". We used a map, and after a mile and a half we were only half way there. The Wooden Boat store was the alternate destination, near the docks, so we headed there. The store had some nice items, and a catalogue, so we grabbed one and went back aboard.

 Creamy tomato soup with ham and cheese sandwiches was for lunch, and a breeze started to move the fog. We had the sails full and the boat was heeled over as we went up the Eggemoggin Reach and approached the Deer Island bridge. The Angelique is too tall to pass below the bridge fully rigged, and the bridge doesn't open, so Chad and Hans had to climb the masts and lower the topsails and sections of the masts. As we passed under the bridge Hans, who stayed on the mast, said we had 4 or 5 feet of clearance. After the bridge we had a great wind that pushed us all the way to Castine, our next stop.

Dennis drivibg 38KB

MMA Ship 62KB

 We entered the harbor and parked near the Maritime Academy's freighter training ship. This is where they teach seamanship for the merchant marine profession. Debbie and crew served a New England boiled dinner, with chocolate cake for dessert.

 All ashore who's going ashore! We toured the town of Castine, where Maggie and I had stopped on our first cruise. We found the Pentagoet Inn, where years ago we bought shower time for $2 because the Angelique didn't have showers installed (now it does!). After a little more exploring we headed back to the docks for our ride back. It was a little early, and the mosquitoes were biting, so we ducked into a bar for a beer while we waited. Regis was hosting "Millionaire". When we returned to the boat Maggie joined the card fanatics while I caught up on my log entries.

 Pentagoet Inn 50KB