The Mary Day 55KB
The Mary Day gets an early start.

At 7:00 Debbie served coffee, tea, and blueberry buckle. There would be a brunch later, around 9:00. We said our goodbyes to Jim and Barbara, who Dennis was taking by the motor launch to the ferry. They needed to catch an early flight home. We waved as we sailed past them on the ferry, and Mike fired a salute.

Maggie was elected to present the crew with a token of our gratitude. She had a good speech, short and sweet. A hodge-podge lunch was arranged on deck as planned. We sailed down the bay towards Camden with another beautiful windy day. Everyone was taking advantage of the good weather. The bay was full of sailboats.

 Sailboat 45KB

Appledore 61KB
The Appledore

 High tide wasn't until noon so we lolled about the entrance to Camden harbor, watching other sail boats and luxury yachts coming and going.

Luxury Yacht 59KB

Curtis Island Light76KB
Curtis Island Light at the Camden Harbor entrance.

 Rope 57KB

 A fine job of coiling the halyard and placing it on the bitt (by your's truly, of course).

 We furled the sails for the last time and docked at 12:30. Then it was off to retrieve the cars, load up, and say our goodbyes. Maggie and I did a little more shopping in Camden before we headed back south to Virginia.