Once again we were like children on Christmas day, awake and out of bed at 6:00. Debbie, our cook, with Rosie and Lisa (crew member) served coffee/tea on deck at 7:00. At 8:00 the brass dining bell was rung, and we all went below to eat breakfast. Blueberry pancakes with sausage was served, and everyone was hungry!

 morning 46KB

Grace Bailey 31KB The Grace Bailey

 The Angelique left the dock at 10:25, sailing at high tide. The Grace Bailey and other windjammers were also departing. Capt. Mike, with first mate Dennis, crewmen Chad and Hans, powered us through the crowded harbor. Upon reaching open water the captain announced that all hands were needed to hoist the 2 big sails ("Team work doesn't seem work", to quote Dennis). Two lines were formed on deck. The port side group hauled up the throat of the sail, while the starboard (right) side group hauled up the peak. The throat was the part that went up the mast, and the peak was the other end that was swung according to the wind direction. The mainsail and the mizzen were each raised, then the crew hoisted the other 5 sails with some help from the passengers.

 On this type of cruise you don't need to help with any of the rigging if you don't want to (except for the big sails). Actually we had more then enough volunteers the entire trip to assist the crew. Zelma and Joan peel apples with Rosie for the next meal.

a-peeling 50KB

Crotch Island light 22KB

 Because we were heading out to see whales, we needed to travel quite a distance east. We ran the diesel engines most of the day to help the little wind available. The time was spent looking at the passing harbor porpoises, seals, and sea birds. We sailed past a lighthouse located on Crotch Island (real name!).

 Lunch is traditionally served on deck (unless the weather is bad), and today the main course was fish chowder, fruit and raw vegetables. PBJ sandwiches are always available if the dish is not your favorite (thanks, Debbie!). Fresh out of the oven brownies for dessert were gobbled up; it must be that salt air. Many of the passengers found a place to relax afterwards.

 Deckhouse 46KB

Our course took us across Penobscot Bay, past the town of Stonington, across Jericho bay to Swan Island where we dropped anchor for the night. Other windjammers we had seen included the Mary Day, Lewis R. French, and Nathaniel Bowditch.


 Dining view one 36KB

 Dining view 2 36KB

At 6:00 the bell was rung again, so we filed into the deckhouse and went downstairs to the dining room for supper (we were getting conditioned to that sound!). Another great meal featuring chicken cordon bleau, with strawberry shortcake for dessert.

The evening turned a little cool, so Maggie broke out the Amaretto to warm our innards. Wake up time was to be at 6:00 so we could head out to see the whales, so we turned in at 10:00.