Our last full day and night on board. The aroma of French toast and bacon came from the galley. We filled up as Mike moved the boat next to the dock for shore leave. Maggie and I grabbed the camera gear and headed for Dyces Head lighthouse at the entrance to the harbor, about 2 miles away. We made it in good time and I got some nice shots, then we headed back to the boat.

Dyces Head Light 65KB

Fort Madison 35KB
We stopped at Fort Madison on the way back to see the mounds that used to be fortifications.
Maggie had fun reading all the historical signs by the houses.

Front View 48KB

 When we cleared the harbor a wind came up and we tacked all over Penobscot Bay. It was one of those postcard days. Dennis remarked that we were lucky. Usually in Maine you could get 2 out of 3 conditions at a time: clear sky, wind, or warm weather; we had all three.

 The Angelique sailed past other sail boats, some in a race, a tug boat pulling a barge, and the Islesboro/Lincolnville ferry.

Tug Boat 34KB

Part of the afternoon was spent exchanging email addresses and home addresses to keep in touch. We dropped anchor in Gilkey Harbor near Islesboro where we were joined by the Mary Day and Lewis R. French. Cannon salutes were fired all around. Group pictures and crew pictures were taken on board.

Passengers 94KB
Passengers of the Whale Watch Cruise, 2000.

Crew 85KB
The crew of the Mighty Angelique.
Mac, Lisa, Chad, Dennis, Katie (wheel), Rosie, Hans, Debbie, & Capt. Mike.

Betty 46KB
Betty was an outstanding
while her husband Dutch sampled
some of the finished product.

 Supper was baked ziti, salad, and for dessert we had vanilla or mocha ice cream we had made on board! The toppings included nuts, bananas, and a hot chocolate sauce. Card games were the plan for Maggie, I just relaxed and wrote in my log book.

Sailing Dinghy 29KB

Sunset 47KB

Sunset with Boom 71KB