Maggie and I boarded the "Grandeur of the Sea" April 17th for a 10 day cruise to the western Caribbean. The itinerary included Cozumel Mexico, Georgetown Grand Cayman, Falmouth Jamaica, and Labadee Haiti. We booked the trip with my cousin Lars and his wife Terry last year. During that time we met Geri and Johnny on our 40th anniversary cruise in Alaska and they said they would join us in Baltimore for another vacation. They met Herb and Marilin on another trip and they decided to join up!

In the group photo you can see Herb, Marilin, Lars, Terry, and Johnny in the back row, with me, Maggie and Geri seated. This would be the first group of eight that we would schedule for meals and activities.


Some of our pets!

At our first port six of us had booked an excursion aboard the submarine Atlantis. Herb and Marilin went shopping from the dock and we rode a shuttle boat from the dock to the submarine's mooring area. The shuttle tied up alongside the sub and a gangplank was used to transfer passengers aboard. A ladder in the conning tower gave us access to the spacious seating area with large viewing windows. As soon as the hatches were secured we headed below for a 40 minute tour of life at about 100 feet below sea level.




There were many different fish species in the area including a barracuda that eluded the camera. We sailed around the coral and vegetation that covered the sea floor. All the time the co-pilot was talking on the overhead speakers telling us facts about the denizens we were visiting. Halfway through the tour we came upon a ship that had been sunk to provide more lodging for the creatures and coral to grow on.



As we headed back to the mooring we couldn't help discussing how professional and helpful the crew and facilities of the Atlantis had been. It was a great adventure for a reasonable price.



Maggie and I returned to the Grandeur while the rest took their time shopping on the dock.



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Western Caribbean cruise

April 2016

Cozumel, Mexico

Cozumel dock

The crew for dinner.


Atlantis sub








Returning to the Grandeur after shopping.