The next morning we woke up docked in Jamaica. We would take a bus to Falmouth, which amused me because although our mailing address is Fredericksburg, Va our house is in the suburb of Falmouth, Va.

our guide

Our guide.

The attraction for today would be Dunn's River Falls. We were guided down to the sea level beginning of the tour. At that point you could strip to your swimsuit and follow the guide up the falls through the water, or take the paved trail that was a lot drier. Maggie, Johnny, Geri and I opted for the dry route, which had many views of the river.

Johnny and I had a good time photographing the rapids and the swimmers. We also found opportunities to photograph our wives.

Maggie found a "Banyan tree" on the property that looked like it was covered with roots.

On the way back to the boat we stopped at a local outdoor barbecue for some Jerk chicken, a delicious Caribbean specialty.

local girl

One of the locals.

On the way back to the ship we visited the shops on the dock. Terry and Lars had already bought us some shirts with the "Falmouth, Jamaica" logo on it (thank you very much).

That night we started out for our next island, Labadee, Haiti.

Western Caribbean cruise

April 2016

Falmouth, Jamaica






Dueling photographers.



Maggie goes native.


Geri joins a band.