We sailed through the night from Mexico eastward to Georgetown, Grand Cayman. After docking we boarded a bus that took us to the Devil's hangout located in the town of Hell. You could send postcards to friends stamped with the Hell postal code.



The fields behind the parking area looked like they were covered with lava rock from an ancient eruption. Some local artist carved a wooden statue of the devil himself which was posted alongside the fence.

hell sign

The bus carried us to our next excursion, a sea turtle farm where they raised rescued turtles before sending them back into the sea.

There were many pools of different size turtles on the property. At some of them the handlers allowed you to pick up the smaller specimens. Maggie, Terry, Lars and I got really friendly with a few of them.

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Once again we rode the bus to another dock where we rode a small boat for about 50 minutes to a sand bar off the coast. The water was about waist deep and we joined a few more groups anchoring in the area. We stepped down into the warm water where we could see dark shapes gliding over the sand. We had a guide armed with a water-proof camera and an assistant who handled the stingrays, who seemed to be very gracious to join us. They were also given snacks of calamari to attract them. We were warned to walk by shuffling our feet through the sand so we wouldn't accidentally step on one.

About an hour later we bid them farewell and returned to the Grandeur.

Over the night we sailed to Falmouth, Jamaica.

Western Caribbean cruise

April 2016

Georgetown, Grand Cayman

devil's hangout








Sacrifices about to be eaten by stingrays.







Kissing a stingray is good luck,

but Terry is a little nervous.