Oh, boy! Monday was here, and we were going to the trailer factory. Backus, MN was not listed on the AAA maps,
so we headed in the general direction to the town.

We passed a building (bait & tackle?) sculptured to resemble a fish. I'd like to see the one that got away!
fish shop

scamp on a stick!
Finally, a sign announced that we'd entered the town. All I had was a PO box for Scamp trailers, so we hoped there'd be a billboard or something along the road. In the distance I spotted a tiny trailer balanced on top of a 50' column. Scamp on a stick! We had found the factory!

The three of us (don't forget the cat) walked into the sales office where we found Jim Coffland, who we had talked to at the Minnesota State fair. He introduced us to David, the service manager that would oversee the mating of my van with the trailer. One of the mechanics drove the Caravan to the shop where the electric brake control would be installed. We sat down to read letters and photos they received from Scamp owners. A little later, after finishing the paperwork Jim gave us a tour of the plant. It's not a huge company, and there was a lot of cross-training done so they could fill in during vacations, sickness, etc.

final pieces
Inside the factory our tour went from the molds to final trimmings.
line of Scamps
A gaggle of Scamps ready to roll, and Maggie checks our trailer with the cat.

On the way to the campground the electrical connection came loose twice. The hitch I had installed was wider then some and David had used the longest harness they had to connect the two vehicles. When we made it to the camp I removed 2 of the cable clamps to give the wire a little longer stretch so that we could get back to the factory on Tuesday. A young guy named Bill, who said he got 2-3 Scamp trailers a week parking for an overnight test, which he called "Scamp 101", owned the campground. The electric and water were set up, but the bathrooms and showers were still under repairs. I know, I know, too early in the season.

Maggie and I set up the trailer while Snow explored the insides. He didn't really enjoy the ride in the van, but soon warmed up to the Scamp. The water and electricity went smoothly, but the hot water heater was a little more complicated and the sink faucet leaked. I disconnected the water, took apart the faucet to find that a plastic shim had slipped down over the O-ring which caused the leak. It was repaired in a few minutes. That night dinner was by way of the microwave. With the dishes washed it was time to test the shower. Maggie went first, and her comment was "think Navy shower". Not a lot of room in there. A little while later we settled down for the night.
The next morning we woke up without any hot water. Actually we had no water at all. I got dressed and went outside. Let's see...Minnesota, early spring, parked alongside a lake, good breeze.... The water line had frozen. Luckily nothing had burst, so after a while I had the water connection thawed out enough to turn it off and disconnect the hose.

first camp
The first campsite.

We finished packing up and drove back to Scamp. David had a crew attaching the awning while another worker added an extension to the electrical harness. About an hour later we were on our way south to Minneapolis.

The trailer was easy to tow, and the road was flat so we had a chance to familiarize ourselves with our new toy. Our target for the night was Shakopee, MN about 40 miles south of Minneapolis. Listed as the Minneapolis SW KOA the camp was under new ownership. They were getting the place ready for the summer season, and we were a little early (we've heard that before!). The indoor pool was supposed to be open, but they were having a problem with the chemicals, so we opted not to jump in. Snow seemed happy to get back into the Scamp, and after setup we drove up to Maggie's sister's house in Minneapolis.


Home, Sweet Home!

Jean is renovating the 1st floor of her place so we got a tour. A few minutes after we got there her friend Pam arrived, then Jean's main squeeze Mike came in. The evening was spent discussing local celebrities, vacation spots, and consuming massive quantities of pizza. We returned to the campground around 10:30 Tuesday night.

foto ace