It was still raining on Sunday as we continued our trip. The area guide in the motel room had an ad for a Danish bakery downtown, so we decided to check it out. Surprisingly, most of the businesses were still closed and the traffic was light. I said to Maggie that it seemed unusual, even on a Sunday morning. Oops, we had forgotten that it was Easter Sunday! We’d have to wait until another trip to try their baked goods.

Just before the town of Norway we stopped at a cement bear that measured 17' tall, 28' long, and weighed 30 tons!
cement bear

iron mine
viking boat
Across the road was an iron mine you could tour, but surprise, it wasn't open yet for tourist season. Hmmm, sounds like my last trip west. The town of Norway, MI had a Viking ship with the town name on the sail as you came past.
Lake Superior
Lake Superior appeared on our right when we got to Wisconsin, with huge chunks of ice still floating on the surface.

With Duluth, MN in sight Maggie convinced me to turn off the road to check out a ship on display.

It was the Meteor, a whaleback ship that was a unique design that hauled cargo and oil across the Great Lakes. It was retired and put on display in 1972, but the museum wasn't open yet. Curses, foiled again!
the Meteor

Grand Rapids was our last motel stop on the trip. To celebrate we ate supper at the Forest Lake restaurant, recommended by the desk clerk at the hotel. The food was great, and we had a table near a window that had a nice view of the lake.

Grand Rapids
After eating we decided to walk around a nearby park and found out that Grand Rapids was the headwaters of the Mississippi. This was as far north as boats could go, and loggers used the river to send the lumber down stream to the mills.

foto ace