I've always wanted to explore the eastern shore of Canada, so when this cruise was suggested I heartily agreed. Saint John's is not too far from Maine and the weather was excellent when we docked. Buses were waiting, so we headed out for the Bay of Fundy. On the way we stopped downtown for a walking tour of the area. I found a double decked gazebo that is used by bands to play music when celebrations were under way.

The Bay of Fundy is known for it's tidal changes. Twice a day the powerful tides rise faster than the river can empty. When this happens, the tide attempts to push the river back upstream, then the tide ebbs and the river appears to reverse itself and flow over the rocks, creating the appearance of reversing rapids.

After the rapids we went on the bus to tour the area. One of the houses was named the Witch house because of it's front view (roll the mouse over the house for a better idea).

In a nearby park there were statues carved out of trees showing local legends and founders. One was an Indian god chasing a beaver god to shrink him down to size so that he wouldn't clog the rivers needed by ships.

We also took a look at Fort Howe that provided protection to the area. Unfortunately it was under restoration so we couldn't explore it fully.

One evening we were complimenting our waiter and assistant waiter to the maitre d' and he produced four tickets to us for an exclusive tour of the galley the next day. We arrived and were shown the whimsical treats they were creating. Of course, some sampling was required!

Maine and Canada

Cruise 2013

Saint John's, New Brunswick

St. John's park

Bay of Fundy

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beaver carving

inside fort

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