Halifax would be our last stop before our two day sail back to Baltimore. It is the capital of the province of Nova Scotia (New Scotland). As the boat docked Tuesday morning I noticed that we were piped into port with a piper and drummer. As the ladies went through customs they were each given a rose. This tradition started when a ship bound for Bermuda was turned back by weather and sought shelter here. The residents wanted to show how welcome they were.

Located behind us was another Royal Caribbean ship, the Brilliance of the seas. At other ports we had seen ships from Norwegian and Carnival cruise lines.

As we boarded the bus our guide Brian appeared, wearing a kilt. He kept us spellbound on the tour with stories of the Titanic and local communities.

Our destination was Peggy's Cove, a fishing village on the other side of the peninsula of Nova Scotia. On the rocky coast there sits a lighthouse with a building nearby filled with tourist goodies. Another piper was playing on the rocks, so Maggie posed with him.

We got separated from Lars and Terry, so Maggie and I decided to explore the village below the rocks. In addition to the fishing docks we found a couple of local artisan's stores where we made purchases.

Down the road a bit past the fishing docks there was a house with a large rock in the yard. The artist deGarthe carved in relief the fishermen working their trade with nets while the angels watch. At other locations there were numerous wood carvings including the fisherman with two fish shown below.

The bus returned on a different route to show us another view of the area. When we returned to the docks there was a large tent with many shops inside. They all had a policy that if you paid in American money you would get change back in American currency. Very handy.

On occasion we would walk the "jogging trail" on the upper deck for exercise after a meal.

The last two days were spent at sea, on our way home. In the evenings we would catch a performance at the theatre by the crew or a comedian, magician, or singer. Musicians played in the Centrum and Schooner bar, with waiters providing drinks at all hours. One of our favorites was Derren, who watched out for us and made sure we got our free glasses clean and shiny.

One of the parties we went to had a 70's theme, with afro wigs all around. Maggie ambushed Elvis (real name Chris) as he danced through the Centrum. We also had the crew dress up as the Village People and performed a few numbers. I think it was that party which Maggie and I actually danced at.

Friday morning we disembarked the Grandeur. Rumor has it, we are planning next years cruise. Caribbean, anyone?

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Halifax, Nova Scotia

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Brilliance of the sea

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Peggy's cove lighthouse

Peggy's cove shore

Maggie with piper

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Maggie with Elvis

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