We arrived in Bar Harbor on Sunday and anchored in the harbor under an overcast sky with a touch of rain. We found out later that last weeks cruise couldn't stop here because the wind and waves were too strong. During our breakfast at the windjammer cafe the sun started to shine through the clouds. We boarded one of the orange and white tenders used to transport everyone to shore.

We were scheduled for a whale watch aboard a smaller boat, so our first stop was a coffee shop on the docks. While waiting we were informed that because the weather in the open ocean had gotten rougher the whale watch had been canceled. Terry and Maggie suggested we spend our time ashore sight-seeing and shopping.

The main street went uphill into town from the dock. The first sight you saw was a small park with a gorgeous view of the harbor. The trees looked like they were in their peak autumnal splendor. The temperature was in the mid sixties with a little wind. Both sides of the streets were filled with shops, so Terry was having a great time!

A small restaurant was responsible for a nice soup & sandwich lunch. Lars and I spent some time relaxing in the park as the ladies finished their shopping. I'd love to come back for a more extensive photo opportunity.

Later in the afternoon we boarded a tender for our return to the ship. We arrived with plenty of time to relax before changing for dinner. On occasion we would separate while roaming above decks. That's when I spotted a blond haired Scandinavian American photographed below on what I believe to be an ice cream cone search. Did I mention the free ice cream machine?

Almost every evening our room attendant would leave a towel animal on the bed for our amusement. One time we returned to the room to find what we believe to be an otter comfortably sitting on the bed with the TV remote in hand. We also had a dog and bunny greet us on different days.

One evening when we had formal dining they held a special event in the Centrum. You could have your photo taken with a lovely young lady who was sitting in a chair suspended from above. You were also given a glass of champagne (for effect).

Tomorrow we would arrive at our first stop in Canada.

Maine and Canada

Cruise 2013

Bar Harbor, ME

Bar Harbor

tender for the ship


Bar Harbor Park

ship from the park

The crew on the tender

Bar Harbor mooring

Lars on board

the otter

the Centrum party