The Windjammer buffet was where we spent a few lunches. It was located on the ninth deck at the front or bow of the ship. The view forward was marvelous and the food delicious.



We showed Lars and Terry the 11th floor, which is where the Viking lounge is located towards the rear of the ship. The saucer shape gives you wide view of the ship and ocean. Most of the time it's restricted to adults only and is a nice place to relax.

When we docked at St. Thomas we found the Jewel of the seas parked in front of us. This was the ship Sarah and Erik sailed on their honeymoon.

pirate girl 1

Yo ho ho!

We boarded an open bus for the tour of the island. They took us up the mountain roads and drove close to the edge so that we had a great view. You could see the Caribbean colors in the water below. They had a couple of quick stops on the way with a major pause at a gift shop way up there. The pirate girls shown are statues at the store.

pirate girl 2


We returned to the ship dock because we had planned on going into town to shop, but it being Sunday all the shops closed at noon! Thank goodness the shops near the ship were open because Terry was having shopping withdrawals!

That night we ate at Izumi's which is a Japanese restaurant on board located on top of the Viking lounge. Our meals were served on plates that had bricks attached that were heated to over 400 degrees! You cooked your own meal! At least we didn't have to do dishes. The crew made it a lot of fun and the addition of Saki didn't hurt. Just ask Terry.

On the way out of the island we passed some beautiful homes and hotels on the shore.

Onward to St. Maarten!

Eastern Caribbean

Cruise 2014

Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas


Viking lounge


St. Thomas dock


St.Thomas water


St. Thomas hotel