Colonial Williamsburg
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Taylor house
The Tayloe house, once owned by Col. John Tayloe, the builder of the Mount Airy mansion in Virginia.
The Peyton Randolph house. Peyton Randolph, Speaker of Virginia's House of Burgesses in the years leading to the Revolution, was elected the president of the First Continental Congress at Philadelphia in 1774. He could have been our first president if he hadn't died in 1775.
Peyton Randolph house
A Post Windmill which is used to grind corn into meal. There is a post on the back that is used to turn the windmill into the wind.
Hay's cabinetmaking shop, where furniture and musical instruments were crafted.
Hay's Cabinetmaking shop
King's Arms tavern
The King's Arms tavern, where we had lunch one day, and was on the "Ghosts" tour.
The Magazine held shot, powder, flints, tents, tools, swords, pikes, and as many as 3,000 flintlocks; weapons needed for defense against Indians, slave revolts, local riots, and pirate raids.
The Capitol
The Capitol building, with a close-up of the seal.
SEMPER EADEM translates to "Always the same".