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Colonial Williamsburg
May 12-14, 2006

Governor's Palace

The Governor's Palace, built between 1706 and 1722.

Maggie and I traveled to Williamsburg, Virginia with our trailer to spend a weekend in
the historic colonial town. We parked in one of the nearby KOA campgrounds and
spent almost two days walking the grounds, talking with the re-enactors dressed in
period costumes.

You can take a shuttle from the visitor's center to various stops around the outskirts of
the town, but the guides suggested that for the first trip we should walk over past the
Great Hopes Plantation.


Planter's house
The Planter's house was a typical dwelling for common people,
both white and free-blacks.


The slaves quarters, a wooden building with mud mortar.

View from the back of the Palace and gardens showing the manicured hedges.
The Palace from the side showing the rear wing added in 1752. It was used for a ballroom and supper room.
Another view of one of the gardens surrounding the Palace.
Some of the flowers from the gardens are shown on page 5.