For years we've seen ads on TV for the Atlantis vacations, so when we had a chance to check it out we signed up. After cruising through the night we arrived dockside Monday morning. When we were allowed to leave the ship we boarded small buses that rocketed through the narrow, crowded streets of Nassau. We were dropped off in front of Atlantis where we followed a guide that took us around the resorts grounds that were actually waterways. In some there were swimming beaches, but many were stocked with large aquatic specimens such as sea turtles, sting rays, swordfish and sharks.

In one section of the resort there was a sculpture that looked like crystals growing out of the floor.

There were swordfish swimming alongside stingrays, while it looked like a nurse shark was following behind.

When we stopped for a break I spotted a couple of sea turtles in another section of the waterways. As we came upon another section I saw a group of large fish in the water. It took me a little while to finally get an image where I could identify what they were. I believe that they were groupers probably about 4 to 5 feet in length.

It seemed like we had walked about a mile when we finally came to Dolphin Cay. This was the swimming area where we would have our encounter.

Everyone was lead over to a locker area where we could store items that we didn't need in the water. We had all worn bathing suits, but then we were issued wet suits that we wore over the swim suits. Once we were ready we were separated into groups of about 10 and headed towards the water.

Our guides brought us to about waist deep in the water where we met our dolphin, who's name seemed to be Minis. He performed tricks for us, allowed us to pet him and kiss him, with many splashes to cool us off. All the time they had photographers recording our encounter. We spent about 30 minutes having a great time until it was time to dry off.

Maggie and I managed to find our way back to the bus area and we collapsed in the seats exhausted from our exercise. I was very glad I didn't have to drive back to the dock because of the traffic and opposite driving side. The bus was cool and comfortable.

In the dining room for supper we had our waiters Alroy and Antia. Alroy should be aboard in November, Antia will be off. They made each meal absolutely fabulous! The entire dining crew has our thanks.

The theatre had a show or two each evening, and one of them was Rick Novell, the action comedian. We had seen him in a previous cruise and were happy he was aboard. His act uses volunteers from the audience with him mounting a unicycle while juggling bowling pins and ...KNIVES! A very funny act.

In the Schooner bar each evening we sat listening to Bill Forrest at the piano. One time he spent over 2 hours playing Beatles songs while we sang along. And I remembered most of the lyrics!

The next stop would be the island owned by the cruise line, CocoCay.

Florida and Bahamas

Spring Cruise 2014



Nassau, Bahamas


Crystal sculpture

swordfish and ray




Maggie w/dolphin

Rick w/dolphin

our waiters


Bill Forest