On May 30th Maggie and I embarked on a 7-night cruise that included stops at Port Canaveral, Florida, then Nassau and CocoCay in the Bahamas. It took us a full day to reach Florida after sailing down the Potomac past Norfolk Virginia. We had great weather as we passed many cargo ships coming and going on the waterway. It still amazes me how quiet these vessels are despite their enormous bulk. The "Marvelous Ace" was docked behind us, and the "Canadian Highway" was just beginning it's voyage out of the harbor. They tooted their horns as we slipped by.

We docked at Port Canaveral Sunday morning amidst many other commercial vessels. From the top deck you could just make out the gantries and vehicle buildings for space craft at Cape Canaveral (some may require a pair of binoculars). While watching the crew secure the ship we noticed some activity in the water at the rear of the ship. It was some dolphins with their children looking to see what we had stirred up in the channel.

That afternoon we boarded a bus that would take us to the "Ultimate Wildlife Adventure". The first stop was at Midway air boats in the everglades. We were put into groups during which we met Yseult, a young French woman from Paris. Maggie and I enjoyed her company both on shore and aboard.

They loaded us onto an air boat headed out into the waterways that crisscrossed the everglades. This was a ride that was like something you would find at Disneyland! We flew across the water and would pause when we spotted wildlife like the alligator's head in this image. After about 45 minutes we came back where we had the opportunity to get friendly with a live alligator. I was first in line! Note the rubber band keeping his mouth closed. He was still rather feisty about being handled.

In the souvenir building was a resident pot bellied pig who was actually bigger then Zoe, the one living next to my parents.

The second stop for the bus was a dock closer to the ship where we took a 2 hour tour of the waterways filled with mangrove trees. We saw some dolphins and birds, but I was shooting video that time.

Maggie and I were happy that our bartender from previous cruises, Derren was on board once again. We spent many evenings in the Schooner bar in the back of the ship where he was working. We should see him again in November when we cruise the Caribbean with Lars and Terry.

Our new friend Yseult joined us at the bar and also in the theatre for some of the fantastic shows.

Our next stop would be in Nassau, Bahamas for Atlantis and the dolphin encounter!

Florida and Bahamas

Spring Cruise 2014

Port Canaveral, Florida

Marvelous Ace

Canadian Highway

Baltimore harbor

Port Canaveral

Canaveral dolphins

airboat gator

Me and gator

potbellied pig


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