Our last excursion was an island owned by Royal Caribbean, CocoCay. I stood on the stern of the ship and photographed the entire shoreline with a wide angle lens to show it entirely. According to maps, it's only .96 mile in length.

We arrived Tuesday morning and were awakened by some noise outside our stateroom the seaward side. I peeked out the window to see a tender loading up passengers one deck below us. Our ticket was good for the entire day, so we took our time getting ready. Snorkeling was on the agenda.

Once again the weather was beautiful as we boarded the tender for the short trip ashore. As we left the Grandeur of the sea we could see the Enchantment of the sea next in line with a Norwegian cruise line ship, the Gem, following.

The tender dropped us off at the dock and it was a pleasant walk to the swimming area.

As we were crossing a bridge I noticed people stopped and pointing at a tree about 100 feet away. I scanned the area and was surprised to see a large lizard lounging in the tree's branches. It looked to be about six feet long, including the tail.

Included in the fee were snorkeling supplies and a brief lesson. Maggie and I found two beach loungers to hold our towels, and headed to the water. We slipped on our emergency buoyancy vests, and while Maggie adjusted her mask and snorkel I Vaselined my mustache (keeps the mask from leaking). Next was an anti-fog solution for inside the mask. Last step was get into the water and put on you fins (easier said then done). Finally we were snorkeling so we headed over towards some rocks. Maggie's fins weren't working very well, so she decided to opt out. I was enjoying the reef and stayed a while photographing fish.

I returned to Maggie's side and we relaxed for a while on the beach. My mind was drifting when someone walked over and asked me if I wanted a drink. As I looked up he took off his hat and shades to reveal Derren our bartender! He was working the beach with yummy alcoholic beverages. I drank and watched the parasailers fly past.

While dining one night at Chops on the ship we were offered a brunch on Thursday during the return voyage. Maggie and I arrived at the restaurant at 9:30 am and with about two dozen people were given a tour of all three kitchens on the ship including the preparation stations at the restaurants. When the tour concluded we returned to Chops where we dined on caviar (the red bowl in the middle), lobster tails, fruit cocktail, shrimp cocktail and many other delicious dishes.

We relaxed the last two days of the cruise and headed back to Virginia. Now we need to plan the November cruise with Terry and Lars....

Florida and Bahamas

Spring Cruise 2014

CocoCay, Bahamas


view of tender


three ships


fish underwater

more fish