Our ship sailed to Skagway where we were greeted by Cindylou (Warped to Alaska on Face book) and driven about a mile and a half to downtown. Our entertainment here started with the Ghosts & Goodtime Girls Walking Tour, led by Rosie Peaks, on the left in in the photo. These beautiful ladies lead you on a walking tour of Skagway, all the time holding your attention with stories about the town, citizens and important women of Skagway. It took about 2 hours to complete, finishing up in the Red Onion Saloon (and former brothel). Rosie was a delight to be with and her co-workers made us feel welcomed.

Rosie Peaks

After the tour we wandered the streets, eating fried dough, buying a ton of chocolate. Another stop was at Princess World Jewelers where for a great price Maggie got a pair of Tanzanite earrings, and I got a single one for me!

One of the interesting facades in town was the Camp Skagway No 1. The entire front of the structure was covered with 8,800 pieces of driftwood collected from the local tidal flats.

Down the road a bit were two trains on display. I immediately went to the front of the farthest which had a snow removal attachment on the front. You may notice the human on the left side, which approximates the height of this monster to be 10-12 feet!

We moored in the bay for our next stop at Icy Strait Point and rode the tenders ashore. One of the first sights you see on shore is aquariums filled with Dungeness crabs for the local eateries. The one you see here is in the hands of a young lady who prepared them for cooking with a steel counter that had a sharp wall on one side for removing the shell. Ask me about the video.

Hoonah toten

Hoonah totem

We boarded a tour bus with a local Hoonah Tlingit lady as the guide. We drove around the community stopping at various locations to sample the history of the area. At the end of the tour we entered a large hall where a tribal dance was performed for us. Afterwards they asked for volunteers to come down and assist with a dance celebration. Well, I hadn't performed in a while, so I jumped down to help out. I was joined by another cruise ship member, seen to my left in photo two. We were portraying ravens in the dance. From that point on, when we passed on the ship, I'd say " Hey screamin' eagle" to which he would smile and return a greeting.

The next port on the agenda was Ketchikan. The weather was a little overcast but not raining so we were bused to a dock where we boarded a small boat to see wildlife in the area.

Captain Gill and his first mate Jesse took us to their crab traps and showed us how they emptied them, then prepared them for next time.

crab trap

Then the captain said we would meet Gertrude, the bald eagle. He has been feeding her fish since she first came out of the nest. Grabbing a bucket of fish, he whistled loudly to a brown and white bird in a tree about a quarter mile away. She sprang up into the air and towards the boat. Captain Gill threw the fish about 50 feet from the boat and Gertrude swooped down to grasp it in her talons, then flew back to her nest to dine. I can see why she's a symbol of our country.

The boat returned to the dock where we were led to the George Inlet lodge for our crab feast. Everyone was seated four to a table, Maggie and I with another couple. Then the waitress announced that there would be a contest to see which table would have the highest pile of crab shells over a period of time. Our pile was only 9 inches high, but boy did we eat crabs!

We were driven back to the Radiance for one more day of sailing.



Skagway, Icy Strait Point and Ketchikan Alaska


Rosie & saloon girl

Saloon Girls


Red Onion saloon



Icy Strait Point


screamin eagle

screamin eagle2






George Inlet lodge

crab shells